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Born in London some time in the mid-1980’s Marco has always had a fascination with monsters, mystery and history. Of Irish and Italian descent, he was told from a very young age that there was some kind of afterlife waiting for us all when we die. As he grew he realised that there might not be as much to look forward to after all. Quite a disappointing prospect. What happens to the atheists and agnostics when they pop off this plane? And lo, Nechronicles were born.

Throughout his life Marco has enjoyed travelling and researching the occult. From Agra to Accra; Knossos to New York, he is fascinated by how the modern world has been shaped.

Now married and based in Sussex, Marco is still thirsty for inspiration and new horizons. Together, he and his wife seek out the more intriguing sites around the globe. One day they will setlle down properly.

Books by M. R. Fortis

  • Nechronicles: Circus Extravagansicus
    The Circus is coming to Necropolis and it will be bigger and louder than ever before. Or so General Pip Rickett hopes. Paulo Puck, the previous Ring Leader, met his Judgement before the last tour finished. Circus Extravagansicus has never reached a successful finale. The company need to see the final curtain fall.
  • Nechronicles: Exodus
    Necropolis is a city like no other, built into a valley on the banks of the mighty River Styx. Generations of departed souls have set up home in the underworld while they await their final Judgement. However the process has been slowed. Centuries have passed and the souls of mortals in the Overworld have clouded. It is not simply a case of ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ anymore.

“Never let the elephant of ignorance derail your train of thought.”

M. R. Fortis

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