Circus Extravagansicus

Laughter is good for the soul, so where are the clowns?
The Circus is coming to Necropolis and it will be bigger and louder than ever before. Or so General Pip Rickett hopes.

The Circus has never reached a successful finale. Paulo Puck, the previous ringleader, met his Judgement before the final curtain fell. The company that remain need to see the circus end if they have any hope of moving on. Enter, General Pip Rickett.
With the help of an aerial artist and a necrozoologist, he has some very large shoes to fill; and the clown who owns them has disappeared into the Necropolitan night. But before any work can get done, General Pip Rickett needs to discover what it really means to be a resident of the City by the Styx.

Drum roll, please.


“Would I be right to assume that we have found a new Puck?”
Ruby nodded slowly while Hunter’s words sunk in. “I think so.”
“You do not sound confident,” Hunter noted. He looked at Ruby directly in the eye.
“I like him. Pip Rickett,” Ruby confirmed, “He definitely has potential, he could be perfect.”
Hunter flashed a perfect row of teeth under his part-grey moustache, “I feel there is a ‘but’ coming.”
Ruby grinned at her friend’s astuteness, “He came here with his nephew.”
“An extra pair of hands is always beneficial,” offered Hunter.
“This is true,” Ruby agreed, “But he seems too wrapped up in the forelife. I worry that if he is not prepared to let go then Pip will be held back. Pip still feels responsible for him.”
Hunter folded his arms. He thought for a moment, “Maybe the nephew could be better suited to the job. Youthfulness is a great virtue after all and--”


No Hunter,” Ruby interrupted, “Pip is our man. He cannot see it yet, maybe, but he shall lead our circus. He shall deliver us all to the perfect Judgement.”