Lacus Curtius

Rome is one of the most beautiful, cultural and historically significant cities in the world. It’s no wonder that there’s an alleged gateway to the underworld, Lacus Curtius, hiding amongst its ancient ruins.

After fully immersing ourselves into the world of ancient Rome we went on a mission to find this gateway. Down crumbling steps and past temples, houses and other buildings that suited the earthly delights of the Roman forum, we searched every corner for the legendary Lacus Curtius.

Although its origins are uncertain, each legend tells of a hole that went straight into the underworld. Whether it’s a tale of noble sacrifice, violent battle or just some freak weather over a bog we can all be grateful that this gateway to Hades has been dutifully covered by a piece of stone. Our souls are safe, for now.

The thing is, if you are¬†looking for a stone slab on the floor in the Roman forum with no more than a photo to guide you, make sure you bring snacks and water because you’ll be there for a while.

After looking around grand structures and ominous outhouses that would have been more suited to a gateway, we found it.

The only sign that this is the gateway you are looking for is the carving that depicts a soldier, shield at the ready, riding his horse in a downward direction. The noble warrior, Marcus Curtius, riding fearless into the underworld to save the Roman Empire.

Lacus Curtius is an unassuming space nestled amongst grand architecture and more spectacular ruins. There’s no need for it to be anything more, considering what may hide beneath it.



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