From the heat of the desert it was refreshing to reach the lakeside city of Udaipur.

There’s no denying that Udaipur has a cool, young, buzz about it. Boutique coffee shops, juice bars and funky rooftop restaurants are smattered around cookery schools and artist houses. A sprawling palace overlooks a swish hotel and some kind of restaurant, which are islands on the water.  Every evening James Bond’s theme can be heard echoing around the narrow streets – pride that this city features heavily in Octopussy.

As the sun goes down Udaipur seems to come into its own. Orange beams illuminate the city and reflects the lakes that it is built around. Manmade lights show off the opulent buildings. Even some search lights, more associated with major Hollywood events, wave across the night sky.

Town and Country

From Udaipur we managed to see a bit more of Rajasthan. I had no idea that it was so mountainous. In parts it reminded me of Northern Italy. But the vision of women in bright coloured saris walking around with bricks/grass/pots on their head, sometimes with a baby in their arms, brought my thoughts back to India. On that note, hats off to the women I saw. True grafters and always looking amazing.

We motored through villages and country to reach a place called Kumbhalgarh, home of the second longest wall in the world. More about this trip can be found here.

I liked Udaipur, and it seemed that Udaipur liked Nechronicles. Flyers are available at Yummy Yoga, and look out for a little mention at Grasswood Cafe. Udaipur truly has taste.